(Updated to 1.1b)

Grab it for Game Boy Color or Analogue Pocket
or play it in your browser here. 

Version 1.1b (7-18-22) Color DEMO Controls: 

  • Flying: Up and Down or W and S
  • Shoot: X, K, Ctrl
  • Move: Left and Right or A and D
  • Jump: Z, J, Alt
  • Attack: X, K, Ctrl
  • Pause or Start (Skip Intro on first panel): Enter

When Nemo's friend Flip discovers the true power of dreams, his mischievous side gets the best of him and he puts his trust in a mysterious force to give him more power. Soon, Flip wields and quickly loses control of this magic, letting it out into the dream world, twisting good dreams and turning them into nightmares.

Join Nemo as he returns to Slumberland to put an end to nightmares once and for all with the help of the Morning Star, the scepter entrusted to him by King Morpheus, and other dream-made weapons of power. Experience the joy of playing through whimsical levels such as the Sugar Surplus, where candy and treats come to life, and many more! 

Defeat the nightmares, return Slumberland to peace and happiness once more, and prove yourself as the Slumberland hero!

Press Kit Here
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Little Nemo: TSH (DMG-Friendly) DEMO 512 kB
Little Nemo The Slumberland Hero COLOR Demo 512 kB
Little Nemo The Slumberland Hero COLOR Demo 1.1b.pocket 512 kB

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hey i've got a press kit for this game on google docs, and I just actually started using it and don't remember joining the doc. Any explanation?

I think it's available to anyone who clicks the link.

maybe I clicked it by mistake 

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This was great. Both a wonderful homage to the NES game and the comics.

Loved it. Boss fights were great. Controls were great.

Only complaint is the levels could have been longer, and I want more of them.

Also curious about one little chameleon sprite on a tree I haven't figured out how to interact with...?

Played in Gameboy Color mode on Analogue Pocket. Would love a cartridge version when it's complete.


Thanks for the comments, glad to hear it has left you wanting more! The full game is planned to have 8 levels, with plenty of additional surprised in-between. 

Regarding the chameleon: My son designed that character, so it's meant to simply be an Easter Egg on that level.

I am planning on making a physical version available when it's done - follow me to receive updates on the development of the game 😀

Wait, theres gonna be an actual physical cartridge version of the game?!?! Thats awesome!!!!! I def need that in my life :)

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Everything is polished to the max. Congrats on making such a good game.

No need to add comments when everything is good. But they are one thing who can elevate the game. The spider boss. When he sent his babies, you have to let live the first one & beating the boss become easy. It will be cool if they respawn without killing them. Rated & enjoyed!!


Thanks for checking it out! I agree the Spider boss is a bit easy with that trick, but I didn't want to cause too much complication and basically make the floor untouchable or covered in spiders. Originally, the boss design was to trick the spider into shooting an egg sac at the branches, which creates the web to bounce up and hit it, but it was too complex to code. I might revisit the boss before releasing the final game, though!

Thanks again for the input - it's very welcome!


No problem bro. Wish you well for the retail release.


The graphics look great and it's very imaginative. I put it aside to definitely try it. Keep it up.

Thank you so much for the kind words!


I'm a huge fan of Little Nemo - LOVE the comics, but the NES game has a special place in my heart! It must be a thrill to be making this! It's great to see a GB followup, and I think you've implemented color really really well. 

Are you looking to collaborate with anyone for music? I love to emulate different games' styles and I'm pretty good at remixing existing tunes as well. (Here's the recent Marzipan project I did for fun!)

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Nice work, and congrats on releasing the demo! I managed to finish it!

Some feedback if you are interested. I'll focus on what I would change more than what I liked, so forgive the negativity! Overall, I thought it was a good game.

  • Intro cutscene looked nice, but I thought overall it brought the game down because I don't really want to sit through a cutscene for a game like this. That's subjective of course, so I would make it skippable if it's not already (it didn't seem to be).
  • Momentum on Nemo was a too sluggish for me. Very Super Mario Bros. 1 feeling, so I'm guessing it's intentional, but if it was me I was dramatically speed up the acceleration, and deceleration.
  • Hit range and attack timing was very punishing. I would keep the attack active for 2 or even 3 times longer, and make it instant (if its not already, hard to tell). I would increase the hit box it greatly. I would often jump attack an enemy and end up swinging right over it, and taking damage myself instead. It's learnable, but slows the game down quite a bit imo.
  • Level design felt pretty bland overall. The additional of bouncey-webs was a nice touch. Would be great to see more stuff like that, and used in more interesting ways.
  • Final boss was cool, especially the intro. Very dramatic. It was a touch easy, but probably good for a first boss.



Looks great!


OOh!! That cutscene looks really nice!! How did you create them


I used the comics as reference on one monitor then I drew them in Aseprite on the other. The last panel of Nemo I had to draw without reference because a pose of him like that doesn’t exist. The dialog boxes are just a built-in feature of GB Studio.


Ah yeah!! Thanks so much!!


Really enjoyed playing it through to completion, the boss was clever, first time I died thinking it was unfair, but second time worked out the webs spring you up to attack and it was satisfying defeating the boss. Also liked the spider egg animations.

The area above was supposed to train you for the webs, sounds like you got the hang of it, though. My favorite animal is the owl, but he's tough! I like the spiders a lot, too. Thanks for playing!

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Hi, I really like the work you are doing on this, it's based on one of my favourite childhood movies. I want to know if I can do a Japanese language translation for this game.

Sure, when I start adding dialogue and the game is more finished, that will be a consideration, but right now, that is probably months away.


Pretty great level design! I really liked when I tried to make a jump but I couldnt make it because that gap was too far. I thought I was dead but the pit turned out to be a whole new section to the level.  If I could offer some constructive criticism please.

- It's hard to know when the ants will shoot their projectile as they dont telegraph their attack. So I was getting hit by a projectile often with no warning. That doesnt feel very fair. 

Possible solution: set actor sprite to the GFX of an ant getting ready to fire for a few frames before the projectile appears. That way the player will know to expect the projectile and maneuver accordingly.

I really like the intro screen to the level. That kind of polish is rare and it's a great touch. Keep up the great work!


Hey, thanks for checking out the game!
The fire ants actually do telegraph before they shoot their fire, as evidenced in this .gif here:

Depending on which way you chose to play it, it might be harder to see on a DMG-01, considering the dark background. As more than one person had said that, I might add some more lines to indicate it is 'charging.' Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked the level intro too, obviously inspired by Kirby's Dream Land. :)


The ant sprite changes WHEN it fires but not BEFORE it fires. The ant graphic change must occur a moment before the firing of the projectile if the ant is to telegraph its attack. 

Logic should look something like this: 

1. Ant standing sprite (wait 3 seconds, for example)

2. Ant charges sprite (wait 0.5 seconds)

3. Ant fires projectile and changes back to ant standing sprite. (Return to step 1 and repeat)

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Hmm, I always thought of it as the ant's eyes lighting up with the fire was it charging. Oh well.

Here's what it looks like:


That's it! It's all about giving the player enough information to work with. The ant enemy will read better with a telegraph but you can always revert back to your original coding if you reckon it doesnt work as well. 

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Thanks for working that out with me. A lot of people seemed to have difficulty with it and I think that was why. I'll include this in the next build. It's live NOW :)


Yes loving this so much! Thanks for putting up the ROM too!


No worries, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!